I have been incredibly lucky over the two decades to be supported by some brilliant brands, great friends & family and an amazing Wife. This page is to thank them all.

Current Support – Obstacle Course & Adventure racing

  • Bio Synergy (www.bio-synergy.co.uk)
    • Bio Synergy have supported me since the early days of my Motorcycle racing career through to today. Their products are reliable, safe (WADA tested) and an awesome aide to both recovery, protection and also if you just want to get the most out of your training
    • http://www.bio-synergy.co.uk/ambassador-luke-lawrence.html
  • Farm Fitness https://farmfitness.co.uk/
  •      Discovered in May 2021 and been training here ever since. Farm Fitness has a great range of classes, excellent PT’s and has been a great solace for me post COVID to get strong again physically and mentally. Competing in Hyrox and Spartan again
  • Beet IT (www.beet-it.com)
    • I discovered Beet IT in my build up to summit Mont Blanc. Its a natural nitric oxide booster (vasodilator) which can help with O2 uptake & aclimatisation
  • Spartan Race – (http://spartanraceuk.uk/)
    • Spartan Race was the reason I got into running & OCR. After motorbikes I struggled to find the motivation to train, and lost my way but I heard of the race, entered and was hooked – thus starting my fitness motivation
  • Reebok – (www.reebok.co.uk)

Toyota Sprint Series

  • PJF Racing
    • Peter Foster has developed the MR2 Turbo I race in the Sprint Series currently, its taken a huge amount of work and problem solving over the years to get the car to its current status, and it truly is an awesome car to drive fast 🙂

During the motorcycle days I enjoyed product support & great relationships with the following brands – each of whom I thoroughly recommend :-

  • HJC Helmets (provided by Oxford Products UK importer)
    • I swear by HJC crash helmets, I crashed a few times in my career and often hit my head – HJC literally saved my life on multiple occasions
  • Dunlop Motorsport
    • I switched to Dunlop Tyres in 2002 and they transformed by Racing career on the 250cc GP machine. (That relationship has continued into the TSS and we now run the car on the Dunlop Direzza which are the best tyres I’ve raced on)
  • MJK Leathers
    • Amazing custom fit, always comfortable and well designed but also offered amazing protection. Check my YouTube  channel for a high speed crash with no damage!
  • Held Gloves
    • Held have an amazing range of gloves which were a great fit for me, and also offered unparalleled levels of protection
  • Daytona Boots
    • Simply the best boots in the Motorcycle world. With full customisation available they look great, but additionally with the two piece system if you scuff the outters you can get a replacement
  • Graham File Tuning
    • Quite simply if you have a Two Stroke, Graham is your man. He made my 125cc GP bike a race winner, and grew my knowledge from total beginner to championship leader. My Honda RS250 was fast and reliable and then from 2005 my Yamaha TZ250 was the fastest Yamaha in the European series and qualified for Grand Prix

Additionally thank you for all the personal & private support, without which I would have been totally lost :-

Adrian Butcher (BM Groundworks) Nigel Davis (Odema) David Holroyd (HCS Consultancy), Colin Haymes (QEST), Giles Sadler (Novagem), The ACU, Team MAS, Team TNT Fila, Team Inerzia Puro Racing, Alvaro Molina, George Vukmanovic, Andrew Taylor, Richard Wynn, Yvonne Miller, Freddy Treherne,  Gary and Fiona Sparkes, Andy Hastings, Noel Hastings, Kenny, Tracy & Lee Mitchell, Roy & Dawn Dewhurst, Dominic Cann, Mum & Dad, Dan Lawrence and most importantly my wife Becky Lawrence for her never ending support both mental and physical, through hard times and easy and for never being far from my pit wall.