Luke to use BEET IT Shots on Mountain expedition

First product sponsor of Luke's August Mountain expedition to climb Mont Blanc is BEET IT – Sports Shot. "I'm really grateful to BEET IT for sending us some product to try in the Alps. I've been researching the use of Beetroot juice in sports performance to help with my Obstacle Course racing and training – being an asthmatic I need all the help I can get! But part of that research led me to the benefits of a vasodilator at altitude and the impact of increasing No2 levels on altitude adjustment.

"I'm going to be using the shots for the duration of the trip and into the start of the UK Spartan Race series – I'll let you know how I get on!"

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Double Podium at TSS Round 3 – Blyton Park

PJF Racing headed to Blyton Park for Round 3 of the Toyota Sprint Series. This time running the track in a different configuration.

"I have to say a big thank you to Peter Foster for all his work on the car in the build up to this meeting. Going racing is never easy, there are always things to sort and I just really appreciate all his efforts in getting the car prepared and some further upgrades to the cooling system.

The configuration was totally different to Round 1 of the series and I was really looking forward to the surface after our result at Woodbridge. We spent most of the test day Saturday fine tuning the ECU configuration and ensure the car was fuelling correctly.

The sprint track was a very technical layout, unfortunately not suiting the cars potential with us barely being able to use 4th gear! The first section was very twisty. The car felt great and the new cooling system really helped us to continue to run full power throughout the day.

We started to struggle for grip through the timed runs, and whilst we made some changes to improve grip we then started to get understeer with too much corner speed. I think it was partly the circuit configuration and perhaps we'd used the best of the tyres at Woodbridge as it gripped so well there despite the terrible surface.

Despite these small setup challenges the car was still fast. We diced all day with Andy McCormack for top slot in our class (A1 Pro) and the battle for the overall Podium. I was pipped by 0.4 in class, but held 3rd overall so we had another double podium – a result we are happy with despite chasing that victory.

The car is in a really good place right now so again I have to thank Peter for all his work and use of the car, Fensport for their support – and Bio Synergy for fuelling me over race weekends!!"

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Pictures from TSS Round 2

Moody skies but a very happy driver and car owner!



luke_2nd_overall.jpg side_front_enter_chicane.jpg

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Luke takes maiden PJF Racing victory at Rd 1 of the TSS

Luke Lawrence takes his first class victory and a 2nd place overall at Round 2 of the Toyota Sprint Series at Woodbridge in Suffolk.

Following a close fought battle for the podium at Blyton Park after recovering from a gear box failure the day prior Luke and the team headed to Woodbridge with modest expectations

Luke and Peter Foster with the PJF Racing MR2


"Woodbridge is really not a track that suits either the car, or my driving style. The change of surfaces / lack of grip make it a real handful as the car is setup perfectly for true race track conditions.

Saturday testing went well, the car was running a little warm which limited the power on long distance runs but we ascertained that it would be ok for 2-2.5 mile sprint laps and continued to work on suspension and tyre pressures. The car felt good, but it's hard to know until the clock is running.

For the two untimed laps Sunday morning the car felt fast – really fast. Pulling the gears strong and it felt solid on the brakes, the biggest positive was the grip, our switch to Dunlop tyres was a brilliant improvement over the Toyos, through the fast sections of the track (tarmac) the car handled like it was on rails, maximum grip at maximum attack – just breath taking. With some dark clouds on the horizon I decide to make the first timed run a good one, and pushed hard from the off. The car felt nimble, responded to everything I asked of it well – the only sections it struggled on were the concrete areas with poor track adhesion. Despite being slow on the concrete I set the fastest time of that round, it felt great to top the leader board but I worried how much faster the others would go – we've been pipped on the final run twice before so I didn't want to rest on our laurels! As it turns out my best run of the day was that first run, although I slipped to second in the overall rankings to Adrian Smith (series leader) I maintained the top spot in Class A1 Pro and 2nd overall – which I'm most happy about as I never really thought we'd get onto the Overall podium just yet!

I want to thank Peter Foster (PJF Racing) for the design of a brilliant car, and all the hard work getting it prepped and to the race track. Becky for being a class pit crew and catering, and to long running sponsor Bio Synergy for fuelling me over the weekend. It was awesome to be racing on Dunlop Tyres again after a few years away."

Luke resumes racing the Toyota July 20th at Blyton Park

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PJF Racing back on track in June – a busy month!

Anticipation builds for an exciting month of racing for Luke Lawrence

June 14/15 – Toyota Sprint Series – Woodbridge

June 21/22 – Dirty Dozen races – Wales

June 29 – Spartan Race – Germany

"I'm really excited about the coming weekends. Being back out in the Toyota will be amazing, I can't wait. The team has had a rebrand to PJF Racing, to denote cars own Peter Foster. Round 1 was very much the highs and lows of motorsport, from almost DNF to a trophy – but it was a real buzz to be back in the car. Pete has done an amazing job with the cars design and getting everything ready. It's going to be even better for Round 2 and I'm happy to report I'm back on Dunlop tyres again – after a decade with them on Motorbikes I'm a fan! Woodbridge will be a hard event, it's very mixed surfaces and the MR2 does prefer race track asphalt – the 4×4's have an advantage but that's not going to stop me from trying my hardest to beat them!!

After that it's off to race for my first Dirty Dozen event, a 12Km on the Saturday – then the 6km on the Sunday for fun with my wife Becky. Her first race of the year and we're looking forward to it. Then we're off to Germany for our first Spartan Races of the year – I'm in the 8 mile + Super race then running in the 5km Sprint in the afternoon again with Bex – it's a month of racing!!"

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Luke finishes 42hr ultra endurance event

This weekend Luke became one of 4 finishers of the Ultra Endurance event – On Trial (the UK's equivalent of the Spartan Death Race) only 12 people have ever finished On Trial events

"I'm really chuffed with the result, to finish a Primal Events – On Trial is a real challenge. We were on the go for 42 hours – I went 56 hours without any sleep, it's amazing to learn what your body can do if you put your mind to it.

I met some amazing people on this challenge, friendships bonded in the fire of a challenge! and I look forward to competing with them again in the future.

I'll do a full write up on the event, once I've had a bit more sleep!!"

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Luke takes 3rd in class and 5th overall at opening Toyota Sprint Series

Luke started his car racing season in the Toyota Sprint Series with a bang – 3rd in class, 5th overall and awarded the hard charger award for perseverance. The race prepared Toyota MR2 the Luke races has been off the road for over 12 months undergoing a series of developments to engine, aerodynamics and turbo. It has been 18 months since Luke raced last (Snetterton 2012) and so the team went to Blyton Park for an additional days testing on Saturday. "As the car had been off the road so long it was great to get back out in it on Saturday. It started with a damp track and I was a little cautious in building up the pace. But then the sun came out and the track dried out nicely. As the day continued the confidence grew and lap times dropped, the car really is a pleasure to drive now – Pete has done a great job with it's design. All was looking good for a competitive race day until literally the final lap of practice. The car was black flagged for an oil leak, resulting from a gearbox failure. Initial diagnosis was not good, with the gearbox casing smashed in two places. We got working on it as a team to strip out the broken parts (with help from ex-servicetune Rob Pierson) we discovered we had been very lucky and the only real damage was the smashed cases and broken selector fork. A few late night phone calls to Jonny Milner and the parts were ordered to arrive with his team for Sunday morning. We started early on Sunday, and with help from the organisers managed to sign on and get the car partially scruteneered as we worked on it. We finally got everything fitted and had only missed the practice and initial two race runs. This left us with 6 timed attempts to compete. The morning I really worked on suspension and tyre pressures, sprinting is very different to track days in that everything is cold so managing tyre temp is hard. Additionally the extra commitment of race laps started to work the suspension. For the afternoon we started to have everything setup but we developed a small flutter with the turbo. The turned out to be a problem with the ECU mapping on full boost – we learnt on the final run, however it meant we just missed out on runner up in class by 0.3 of a second! However the best was yes to come as we were awarded the hard charger award for perseverance which means a lot to us all My thanks to Peter Foster for all his efforts in producing a rapid car. To Becky for ensuring we were fed and watered through all the stress and to everyone that helped in the repair – Dave (Fensport) Rob, Service Tune, Jonny Milner and all at Javelin and TSS for a great and accommodating event. As ever thanks to Bio Synergy for their nutritional product support."

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Luke Lawrence qualifies for the OCR World Championship

Luke Lawrence scored a top ten finish at the Nuclear Races 'Blackout' which has qualified him for the OCR World Championship Elite race in America in October

"The Blackout was a great race, basically as many laps of a course as you can managed in a 2 hour window….but in the dark! I made a great start – leading for the first mile or so before slipping back slightly. I managed to pick my place up and really push hard to remain in the top ten – and I'm really happy with the result.

I would like to thank my sponsors – for their awesome Bootcamp sessions and PT – and also long term supplement sponsor Bio Synergy for their great nutrition range."

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Luke completes 4 laps of The Nuts Challenge

On March 2nd Luke Lawrence entered The Nuts Challenge for the first time. The event formula is different to other races in that you run laps of a 7km course, with the toughest challenge being 4 laps. 28km does not sound too daunting for this level of athlete but with over 100 obstacles per lap and extreme cold and exposure the event has become known as the hardest OCR challenge in the UK.

"I entered the Nuts as it's grown into a 'must do' race, particularly after last year when only 6 people finished the 4th lap. I knew it was about endurance more than pace, and the correct preparation.

Tough Guy had already shown me that I can perform well in the cold which really seems to affect some racers in the winter events. In training I forced myself into extreme situations – lots of water immersions on runs etc and my preparation paid off.

I made a good start and held a stable pace for the first lap, in fact I was too hot! So I stripped some layers off – lap 2 I was much more comfortable and help a good pace – but during lap 3 the weather turned and I started to get cold. I made a quick pit stop starting lap 4 well before the safety cut off to put on layers and I can say that 4th lap was one of the hardest of my life. The weather really turned, lots of people started to suffer from Hyperthermia but I managed to keep going and finish the race.

I was 13th from only 17 people to finish the 4th lap – an elite group. Under 30 have ever completed this challenge so I'm really happy."

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Luke scores first podium of 2014

Luke Lawrence stormed to his first podium finish of 2014 at the Mud N Madness annual race held at Stubbers activity centre in Essex. From a field of 560 runners Luke started in the 2nd wave but managed to catch up to the leaders of the race and finish in 3rd place

"I'm really, really happy with the result. Mainly because it was a tough race! I struggled to find my form with the trial running and only kept my pace as my fellow Bootcamper Simon Small was hot on my heals chasing me down. His running is really on form, but I took advantage at the archery section as I hit the bull first time and could overtake, and fortunately I held out the lead over him to the line!

It was a fun race, I'll be back next year for sure"

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