Into 2016

It’s been a while since my last update and a lot has happened that’s kept me away from the blog. There are some big changes coming up in my life that I’m excited about, some real adventures which I will be writing about as the time comes.

Our Toyota Sprint Series ended with a wild event at Cadwell Park. Huge rain and some major 5th gear aquaplaning made it an exciting event – it also included my first full double spin, I lost the back end of the car pushing on a drying track, it was quite a wild ride – but fortunately i’d scrubbed alot of speed before just kissing the Armco. We ended up the year in runner up spot despite some great victories and missing two rounds meant we dropped out of contention for the overall series podium – a shame but there will be other years.

I have to give a special mention to Peter Foster, car owner & build designer who also earnt his own trophy at the year end awards for a solid effort all year 🙂

On a fitness front I have a few ideas in the pipeline for later in the year, really looking to diversify how I train and also what I’m training for – and hopefully generate some cool content for this blog!

Part of the reason for changing how I change is that COPD has raised its ugly head further this winter, I normally thrive on cold dry air but its having quite a severe effect to my high end performance / CV effort. I have some training changes that I am making, more on that in future blogs and I’ve been back for further testing my FEV is now just over 50% which is something I’m not happy about and hoping to improve, but it’s a long road.

Lastly I had my COPD journey published in the Journal of Medicines Optimisation which is published out to pharmacists and doctors – I hope that it helps others get the correct / timely diagnosis.

I’ll be back on here as plans for the year unfold

About Luke Lawrence

@SpartanRace, Obstacle Course Racer, adventurer, extreme sports enthusiast supported by @biosynergy #makeithappen
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