Citrus & Cocoa – Takeout Breakfast Bag review

Nutrition is an area of my life that I’m very passionate about. It safe to say that most people who know me know that I love my food, that’s for certain! From a young age I’ve had to watch what I eat due to allergies, so from early on I’ve been made more aware of what I’m consuming.

Food is our fuel, and in order to push myself hard in both training and adventures getting the nutrition right is pretty critical. Our first goal prior to Obstacle Racing was losing weight, and we wanted to do it in a controlled way. Modern life is filled with the latest and greatest fad diet, which despite great results early on tend to just lead to yo-yoing weight and disappointment. People need to learn that the quick fix is not the way, things take time. ‘Fixing’ our human diet needs to be a long term lifestyle change, the slow approach – with education, which will always lead to better results.

Moving on from weight loss we quickly learnt that we also need to fuel ourselves to recover properly to train repeatedly at a high intensity. And this took us through a period of change in how we eat, and the biggest part of that change was preparation. If you put up barriers to healthy living it’s easy to slip, however a small amount of organisation means that you can stick to your goals. We always leave the house armed with Tupperware to survive the day!

There are times however when prep is not possible and you need to grab something on the go. Generally this can lead to bad choices or just limitations on what’s available, so I’m very excited to say I’ve had a sneak preview of a great concept developed by a friend, Personal Trainer, Ironman athlete and healthy eating genius who has recently opened a very exciting Restaurant called Citrus & Cocoa in Crouch End, London.

The restaurant ethos is right up my street, clean foods, created with thought and conscience designed around great tasting dishes that are good for you. And now the owners are looking at the next step, a concept of a take-out brown bag to fuel you through the next day part.

The bag that I’ve tried was the breakfast option, taking me from waking through the morning to lunch (and actually provided a further afternoon snack too)

First I’m greeted by a welcome letter that talks me through what’s included, and not just sales speech but a breakdown of the ingredients and what those ingredients are doing for me. Not everyone is as interested as me in this topic, people buy products that are ‘healthy’ due to a sticker on the product in a supermarket or supplement magic ‘sachet’, but I like to know what’s inside, and why I need it – and the intro letter does just that. Additionally the nutritional breakdown of each item is included – this is vital to understanding the macronutrients you are consuming.

As this is a breakfast pack my first step was the boil the kettle and make my Brew Tea co. green tea ready for my drive to work, which I have to say was delicious. I find some green teas to have a bitter taste, but this was smooth and comes with a take away cup ready to go!

Next up from the bag I have a protein smoothie, with a very decent 20g of protein included. I love starting my day with protein, keeping me fuller for longer and helps that all important recovery from the previous night’s or early morning workout – So in all a great start to the day! The smoothie is not too thick, very fruity and you can’t really tell it has added protein, it’s mixed very well!

We then have our commute to work, supping on the tea during the drive and feeling good. Arriving at work I take out the item I’m most excited about the C&C Overnight Oats as my main breakfast item. I’ve been looking forward to trying one of their breakfast options for a while, and I wasn’t disappointed. The oats are really tasty (oaty / nutty) and work well with the addition of fruit on the top. The portion size was pretty good, the pot looks small but it’s very filling. I’m impressed!

So far so good! Next up on my list is a mid-morning snack. I’m very tempted by the Chia Pod however I’m actually feeling nicely full from the previous items so I opt for the super fruit salad instead which is very densely packed. A really great array of fruits with some nuts and chia seeds added make a great combination. Again I think the portion size is great.

So then at work I grab my regular chicken salad for lunch and head into the afternoon’s work with my mid-pm snack always aimed around 3-3:30pm and at last I get to sample the C&C Chia Pod, bursting with Omega 3 and I have to say this is a genius treat. Think of a very naughty chocolate pudding in a gastro pub, except its good for you! Well complimented with some raspberries on the top.

So to conclude – I am really impressed with this pack, I do like to eat & I would say the portions are perfect plus the combination of ingredients meant that I felt fuller for longer, well fuelled through the day with tasty food that’s good for me!

I’m very intrigued to see what other products Citrus & Cocoa think up for future packs however this breakfast brown bag to go, is certainly a product that I will come back to again! I thoroughly recommend popping in to grab one as they launch, and in the meantime booking a table for a super tasty & nutritious lunch!

Thanks Dylan & Co –

Twitter : @citrusandcocoa

Facebook : citrusandcocoa

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