Bio-Synergy & why I always talk about supplements!

I’ve had a few people ask me about Bio-Synergy, who they are and why I’m always talking about supplements so I thought I’d share my views.

First of all I’ve been associated with Bio-Synergy for over a decade. The team started to support me during my Motorcycle racing days, at the time I kept to a very low fat diet as weight is important in GP Racing, however you also need strength and endurance. Moving a bike around a Croatian race track for 45 minutes in 40oC heat, in full leathers at over 160mph was quite demanding I can tell you! And so I started to review supplements to help me with performance and recovery.

To start with it was Isotonic and Electrolyte drinks to help with hydration and glycogen levels, then I started to drink Protein after each session. Over a race weekend, when you are both rider, manager and one of the mechanics stopping to eat regularly is often not an option, so shakes offer a great way to get the nutrition that you need in both easily and fast! But I found, in particular over long race weekends with multiple sessions that protein helped me to recovery and have more energy / feel better.

Wind forward a few years and since 2012 I’ve been back training harder than ever. With our commute training time is hard to fit into our schedule so we often add prolonged or double sessions to make up the hours we need. This, coupled with races through almost every weekend last year means that recovery is vital to maintaining pace and performance.

Why can’t I just eat normal food – like chicken for protein? Is a question I get asked loads. Well one thing that’s scientifically proven is that liquid foods are easier to digest. It’s also known that replacing glycogen stores with carb and protein to repair as quickly as possible after a workout (15-20 minutes) is key and so protein shakes come into play. You can have them ready in the car after your workout, to immediately kick-start refuelling the body. I’m not reliant solely on shakes for food of course – but they are a great addition to my diet.

Don’t protein shakes make you fat / are just for body builders? Factual answer, protein shakes contain calories yes, and body builders drink a lot of protein – however, they do not get big from drinking shakes alone, these guys are training hard and lifting huge weights – THAT’S what makes them big and muscly and the protein is just allowing the body to repair – and therefore grow. Drinking protein alone will not make you a muscle bound warrior!

Aren’t these shakes all a bit dodgy? NO!! Whilst there are some products available on the web from the states etc which are low quality or cannot be trusted a decent brand like Bio-Synergy are 100% reliable. All their products are stringently tested and fully approved for athletes. They sell a Paleo protein that’s PURE egg whites – that’s it! And the regular protein shakes are made from Whey!

Do I really need them? The bottom line for me here is that’s it’s down to the individual. If you can train and race how you want to without, then great. However I find for me and my lifestyle that the core products I use help me no end. I even take Whey Protein with me skiing now to help the Ski Legs over the week! Sure some things may not have such an effect on you, however what I always say, is try it for a month. Then stop – and see if you miss the product as I know I sure do!!

And now – who is Bio-Synergy –

In 1997, Bio-Synergy was founded out of a passion for health and fitness and a desire to create the first clean, effective and high quality range of sports nutrition, to the support the goals of athletes and fitness enthusiasts to fuel their performance and make it happen.

Since its launch, over 1 million passionate sports and fitness enthusiasts have chosen Bio-Synergy sports supplements to reach their health and fitness goals and fuel their performance. Bio-Synergy sports supplements have been used by many of the world’s most respected athletes and teams, in fact, it could be said that Bio-Synergy is the best kept secret in sport!

Athletes, brand ambassadors and sports teams include James Cracknell, Melanie Sykes, Mark Wright, David Coulthard, Padraig Harrington, Will Greenwood the British & Irish Lions (both codes), the British Basketball, Ice Hockey and Rugby Leagues, Premier Rugby, the Boxing Board of Control and Commonwealth Games to name but a few. In fact, our range of sports nutrition may well have fuelled more Gold medals, PB’s and World Cup wins than any other brand!

About Luke Lawrence

@SpartanRace, Obstacle Course Racer, adventurer, extreme sports enthusiast supported by @biosynergy #makeithappen
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