2014 Reflection

2014 – Where did it go?

With all that happened in 2013 Bex and I made a resolution for 2014 to seize the day. Bex pushed herself to do one new thing a month that scared her, which she certainly did and overcame each!

Between us we booked one adventure or another almost every weekend. At times it was exhausting, but it was always exhilarating 🙂 I believe we are all capable of way more than we realise, it's just unlocking that potential. My year was not without it's difficulties, my Asthma reared it's ugly head again after a 25 year break, which effected me physically but also more surprisingly mentally (I don't handle restrictions very well!) however I'm now on a path to sorting that out.

I had some great support in 2014, most of all by Bex but also by mega friends, family and sponsors. To everyone that helped me or offered me an opportunity in 2014 – Thank You.

I set the 5 goals below for 2014, and all bar the 5th I completed. For 2015 a podium at Spartan Race is my absolute priroity. I know it will be a real challenge to reach for, however all 5 of the below seemed impossible last year – so thus is my focus.

1. Climb Mont Blanc (4810m)

2. Class Win at TSS

3. Complete On Trial

4. Complete Coast to Coast

5. Spartan Race Podium

Here's to us all unlocking our full potential in 2015 whatever our individual goals may be.

About Luke Lawrence

@SpartanRace, Obstacle Course Racer, adventurer, extreme sports enthusiast supported by @biosynergy http://www.bio-synergy.co.uk #makeithappen
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